Every woman has a different style and personality, and this is often showcased with current moods and occasions. There are times when an often ‘sexy style’ dresser may just want to be conservative, vice-versa and in between, either based on current moods or the dress code called by a certain event or occasion.

Other women are just not sure or may not have a well-defined style yet. As such may struggle with style and outfit selection.

If you’re switching styles and or just not sure how to style a particular dress code, style, event, or mood, then take this journey with me as I walk you through some of the style options out there that cover various silhouettes aimed at flattering different body types, moods, and events with an emphasis on sassy, classy, and sexy styles.

The extent of style options is quite numerous, so in part 1 of this article, we would touch on sassy, classy, and sexy styles that cover different silhouettes aimed at flattering different body types.

Work Wear Styles

Tired of stuffy, serious workwear looks and wondering how to incorporate some sass into your look while still maintaining office decorum…..

  1. Try mixing pieces. Try a stylish blouse like our mismatch sleeve blouse with some serious work bottoms – a pencil skirt or tailored pants. This balances sass and seriousness perfectly.
  2. Find outfits either in dark colors and fabrics but with a cut that emphasizes some sassy looks or serious looks with fun bright fabrics. An example is our two-piece bell-bottoms pants set and multi-colored silk wrap dresses.



Party Styles

Usually categorized with sexy designs and fabrics, conservative dressers may struggle with finding the right styles that incorporate their demure style with party looks

  1. Stay demure and covered up but find styles made with sparkly or shimmery fabrics. Our peach sequin dress embodies demure and sparkly perfectly.
  2. Peekaboo styles help control the amount of sexiness shown while promoting conservatism in style. See some of our peekaboo style recommendations below.

                  Black and wine stretchy midi pencil dress with midriff cutouts and wide shoulders


                 Pink Satin and Lace Back Dress

Going Out Styles

When outings are not very specific with dress codes, but the effort to dress up is expected; think birthday dinners, dinner dates, or brunch with family or friends. For a sexy dresser, you may consider toning down your sexy and opt for a classier look. See some tips below to tone down sexy styles.

  1. Try short-length outfits that show legs but not figures. A flare or shift cut style coupled with short length is a perfect combination to achieve this look.


2. If you guessed that our next tip will be a reversal of the first, then you indeed guessed right. Try figure-hugging dresses with bold colors or a sexy element incorporated like see-through necklines. Our Button-down long sleeves dress and Sleeveless Ruched dress embody this style representation perfectly.





Casual Styles

We all know that you’ll often find casual looks categorized by flowy, covered, and maxi lengths here. Sexy dressers would often go for short styles and crop tops but more often not all body types may not accommodate these styles.

Our tips for sexy dressers looking to try longer flowy styles and demure dressers looking to try out a bit sexier style, are described below.

  1. Try short sets with fuller tops. Our biker short sets and scarf short set embody this style. We also recommend you try our Swing dress styles.


2. Look for maxis with peekaboo elements. Try the V-neck maxi dress and or the crop top pant set that shows just a hint of skin without taking away from the flowy maxi look, usually associated with a relaxed casual look. 


                 Vneck Maxi Dress


                Multicolored Crop Pant Set


As we round up on today’s article, we understand the ever-evolving style of women and you can shop the versatile style offerings here for more visual tips on what to wear to what. Stay tuned for part 2 of the article and click here to sign up for our newsletter for more tips, and tricks, and first to know exclusive benefits as a subscriber.

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