Refund policy

As a business, because we have put a lot in place to ensure you buy the right item in terms of fit, color and style, we do not accept returns.

Where a client is dissatisfied with her item, we are open to exchanging it for another item of the same value. Because we do not accept returns and therefore do not make cash or transfer refunds, it is imperative that items for exchange follow the following terms:

  • Lesser priced items cannot be exchanged for a higher priced item, except the difference is paid. Higher priced item can be exchanged for a lower priced item and the balance becomes store credit or a gift card.
  • Delivery changes for the exchanges are borne by the client.
  • Items bought during a sale cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • An item for exchange MUST be communicated within 24 hours after delivery of the order.
  • The item MUST be in our possession two business days after delivery for orders within Lagos, and five business days after delivery for orders outside Lagos for it to qualify for an exchange.
  • Item must be in good condition for it to be exchanged, without stains or damages. It must not have been worn or have tags removed.
  • Exchanged items cannot be shipped earlier than two working days after the original item is received.
  • Exchanges are only allowed for online purchases. Any item purchased in store cannot be exchanged.


  • Returns are only allowed for damaged goods and will only be processed a refund after it has been determined that the damage occurred before purchase
  • All items bought on sale CANNOT be exchanged or refunded.