How to Style (Prints and Patterns)


While styling patterns may not be as easy as styling plain colored clothes or monochromes, there are fashion tricks that make this easy to hack and very eye-catching.

Why Patterns?

Beyond the versatility of style it provides, patterned clothing are better suited to hiding bulky midriffs by drawing attention away from those areas and giving off a smaller, slimmer silhouette.

Patterns and prints are also quite fun to wear and are often associated with travel, warmer climates locations such as beaches, and casual weekend lounges.

All patterns are NOT the same. From floral, to geometric, stripes, animal prints and tie-dye, prints are numerous and should be styled differently. Knowing your prints helps to determine how the selection can work per event.

Stripes and geometrics are better for tailored looks and as such are much suited to work wear styles.

While it may be fun mixing prints and patterns, it may feel a bit more overwhelming when we attempt this trick ourselves.

Follow along while AJL guides you, showing you some tips and tricks that’ll help you master this style hack.

Pattern Tips and Tricks

1. Start with Colors
Learning how to incorporate just one pattern at a time will give you a great foundation for mixing patterns later on and with this we also need to learn different known patterns and the best ways to work.

Start by matching not the prints but the colors. Select pattern clothing within the same color palette and prints.

The Sleeveless Patterned Mismatched Dress combines both plain grey and dogtooth fabric to achieve cohesion in the color and in turn the style of the dress.

Patterned dogtooth midi dress

2. Simple styles: To achieve a more conservative look with prints, choose simple dress styles with a single patterned fabric option, like our Sleeveless Patterned Dress and style it with a simple bold color bag like our Dame Burgundy Croc Bag or the drop waist pleat dress with dame caramel snakeskin bag.

3. Consider your body type: When choosing patterned outfits you should equally consider the texture of the fabric and how it’ll flatter your body type. For instance you are curvy ladies will want an outfit that will follow closely, and should consider fabrics that are light, very soft or even clingy like our Sleevless Patterned Red Dress and the Lilac Multicolored Ruched Dress.

Or petit figured women, you should consider fabrics with moderately crisp texture, like our Aztec Asymmetrical Hem.

Aztec Hilow Dress

4. Use your wardrobe staples: As women we all have those wardrobe staples that we can easily incorporate to tone down or pull a whole look together safely; it could be a plain top or a chic blazer.

Pair with patterned bottoms such as Checkered Pants and you are good to go.

Checkered Pants and Peplum Top

5. Familiarizing with different patterns: Stripes for example, they are very common but a lot of people still don’t know the right way to style the vertical from the horizontal.

You are trying to go for a delusional elevation in this case vertical stripes should be your go to just like our Shift Drop Dress pair it a cute pair of heels and a matching bag.

Shift Drop Dress

6. Trust yourself: Prints are personal unlike neutrals that are universally appealing, and since fashion is a form of expressing your personality, loving it doesn’t necessarily mean the next person will and that's okay.              

If you're one to consider prints in your wardrobe, AJL has an array of patterned outfits that are chockfull of personality and exuberant detail, that we predict any fashion girl is going to be stuck on. You can shop from our array of patterned styles on the website.

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