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At AyodeleJayne Lagos (AJL), Our commitment to style versatility is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that life is multifaceted, and your wardrobe should reflect that.

From office chic to evening glamour and laid-back comfort, our diverse collection redefines fashion, offering you more than just clothes – we offer the freedom to express yourself in every style." With a passion for channeling class and confidence, we cater to the contemporary and enterprising woman who is strong yet feminine, confident yet fun, sophisticated yet quirky and modest yet edgy.

Established in 2017, our goal is to become the ultimate in style versatility where we go beyond limitations to curate the perfect wardrobe for every facet of your life.


Born out of a need to provide access to affordable yet chic and sustainable clothing solutions to the versatile woman, the journey of the AJL Brand began when the founder, Ayodele Adetimehin found it increasingly difficult to find affordable and quality clothing for herself and her personal shopping clients at the time. Although still fully employed in financial services, she would often offer this personal shopper service to colleagues, friends and family who trusted her style choices.

But after the first significant currency devaluation about 6 years ago, she soon realized that what was affordable in one country could be prohibitively expensive in another due to currency exchange rates and where she could once source for affordable premium quality for her clients, it became obvious that currency exchange issues and the ever-increasing costs of quality clothing often left people feeling excluded from the premium fashion scene.

This price disparity sparked the idea for her brand and she set out to create a brand that would adhere to international standards of style and quality while remaining affordable and accessible locally. She wanted to ensure that anyone, regardless of their location, could embrace class and sophistication. And so began the uneasy journey of finding locally skilled artisans, sourcing the right materials and establishing a fair price model, all of which brought their own challenges.

AyodeleJayne Lagos has now grown from a workwear only brand to one that provides style options across all work, party and casual wear categories fulfilling our brand philosophy. The brand's core philosophy was simple yet powerful: create fashion that embraces diversity and inclusivity, understanding that style is not confined to one category, but a dynamic reflection of your multifaceted life.


To provide quality and versatile fashion choices for the enterprising woman.


To become a symbol of accessible class.

Core Values

 Teamwork, excellence, creativity, and integrity has been our core values and it has always been the driving force embedded and deeply entrenched in our brand.

Brand Tenets

Versatility: Life doesn't fit neatly into categories, and neither should your wardrobe. Our collection is carefully curated to transition seamlessly from office to party to everyday life. We believe in offering you versatile pieces that adapt to your needs, allowing you to effortlessly express your style, regardless of the occasion.

Accessibility: Fashion should be accessible to everyone, and our commitment to accessibility goes beyond affordability. We aim to meet you where you are, whether that's through online platforms, personalised styling advice, or a warm in-store experience. We're dedicated to providing you with the tools to curate your style, your way.

Inclusivity is the cornerstone of our brand philosophy, reflecting our unwavering commitment to offer fashion choices across different style categories. We offer diverse sizes, authentic representation, accessible shopping options, and a community that embraces differences and fosters self-expression.

Community is integral to our brand. We strive to build a strong connection with our customers, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty. Through engaging content, interactive events, and meaningful collaborations, we create a vibrant community that celebrates individuality and style.

At AyodeleJayne Lagos, we are more than just a fashion brand. We are a movement that embodies innovation, quality, versatility, and community. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey and experience our essence.


"Our target audience are urban enterprisers who value sustainable living, appreciate high-quality craftsmanship, and seek versatile, fashion-forward products. Our brand resonates with individuals who appreciate timeless design and seek products that align with their values."

Enterprisers are usually busy professionals, creative innovators and dynamic entrepreneurs.


Design Philosophy

We base our design collection mostly along the lines of regular schedules of our target market which are contemporary and enterprising women. Where they would often go and what they would regularly do. We also consider our brand tenets which are most importantly to be inclusive, accessible and versatile.

As such you’ll find our collections and edits – Work, Party/Going Out, Casual - often centred around classic pieces with minimal but classy design details with an emphasis on timelessness.

Timelessness also means that our styles adapt from the modern vintage style characterised by colour blocking, full pants styles, collared styles, silk prints, button downs and mono tones.


To meet the demands and needs of our clients, the team has expanded both numerically and in value over time.

Our team comprises the Business Team, the Production and Design Team, the Marketing Team, the Operations Team, and the Sales and Customer Service Team. Each department works hand in hand with the other to maintain synergy across the board and to ensure the brand’s goals and mission are actualized. Even though their primary functions differ from one another, there is a collective meeting point for each unit, and this borders along the lines of efficiency, work ethic, dedication, consistency, and growth & value capacity. 

  • Business Team:
    • Manages the company's financial aspects and records, including budgeting, accounting, and financial planning and analysis.
  • Production and Design Team:
    • Comprising designers, pattern makers,and other creative professionals responsible for creating fashion products.
    • Oversees the manufacturing and production processes, quality control ensuring products are made efficiently and with high quality.
    • Executes the production of clothing and accessories.
  • Marketing Team:
    • Includes professionals in marketing, continent creation, public relations, and digital marketing.
    • Manages all marketing activities, branding activities, including advertising, promotions, and market research.
  • Operations Team:
    • Handles day-to-day operations, such as supply chain management, logistics, and production.
  • Sales and Customer Service Team:
    • In charge of sales and distribution, including managing retail stores, wholesale, online sales and customer support.

This flat structure promotes a collaborative atmosphere and ensures that decision-making is distributed across various functional areas of the fashion brand, allowing for quicker response to industry trends and customer demands.


As a business, we have had significant breakthrough and we continue to strive improve and grow our brand to a world class level. Some of our notable milestones are listed below;

  • First store opening 2021
  • Handbags Launch 2021
  • First flagship factory 2022
  • Website Launch 2022
  • First Flagship Store 2023
  • First fashion Show 2023

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