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Have you ever been travel-ready, tickets secured, hotel booked but struggled with what to take along with you on your journey? Well, you can heave a sigh of relief because you are not alone. In this article, we will share some important packing tips to make that aspect of your vacation seamless.

Planning what to wear on vacation can be a fun task for the trendy and fashion-conscious, knowing that there are lots of resort-ready accessories, dresses, and swimsuits made for a summer holiday. Plus, a last-minute buy means you have something new and exciting to bring along with you.

The not so fashion-conscious may not look forward to this task as it may present challenges of not knowing what items to select etc.       

Notwithstanding the fun side of style selection for fashion lovers, they may also encounter the challenge of indecision but of a different dimension of over packing.

Hence, we provide tips for both groups of travelers to guide what styles to pack, as well as reduce the challenge of over-packing. 

General Packing Tips

These are ideas or items that work for almost all types of holiday travelers

  • Regardless of destination, travel requires transportation from one location to another. Travel comfort here is essential for all, be it road, air or water. Comfortable sneakers, practical hand luggage that is easy to hold or straps on to your person, sleep masks for long trips, a water bottle, comfortable shoes i.e, sneakers, flat sandals or slippers and commute appropriate clothing which could range from jeans, to sweat sets, maxis, shorts etc.
  • Items that provide sun protection are key—a shady hat, a cover-up; either a scarf or loose jacket, sunglasses, and, of course, a daily SPF for starters.
  • An accessory (or two!) that will instantly activate your vacation mode and that you can wear with everything you’ve packed, say a pair of woven slides or a pair of big hoop earrings and sun glasses once again but this time for the purpose of style.
  • And least but not last, a practical but cute carryall to stash all your travel essentials into i.e passport etc.

We delve into style related packing and to make this exercise one that’s most efficient, we advise that styles and outfits are categorized by the following;

  1. Destination
  2. Itinerary
  3. Duration

The Destination

Your destination most of the time determines the type of clothes you pack for a trip. 

Consider the climate of your destination, and pack accordingly……you should pack more clothes that are appropriate for the weather and will keep you comfortable at a destination that is either cold or hot. You do not want to pack more woolen clothes for a temperate region.

We limit our style suggestions to warm weather styles as most leisure or vacation trips are often to these areas or locations.

Tropical destinations and beach getaways require lighter clothing, so think chiffon, linen, cotton type fabrics in casual wear style such as flowy pant sets, maxis and short sets. We recommend the following items.

Check out some of them here;

 Red Tie Maxi Dress

Red Tie Round Maxi Dress

Teal Tie Maxi Dress

Teal Tie Round Maxi Dress


 Popover Maxi

Popover Maxi

Crop Pants set

Buy the Crop pant set
Casual Hangout/Tour Outfits

The Itinerary

Now that we know what to pack for the destination we’re headed to, then we break it down into our plans for the trips. Is this a bae-cation, filled more with dates or a girls trip filled more with shopping, dancing and fun things to try or a family trip where kids entertainment has to be taken into consideration and mom’s outfit styled appropriately…….

A couples’ trip is generally for sexy ‘stay in’ outfits and date wear outfits for lunches, dinners or starry night walks. Whatever the date choice, be sure to have the one perfect outfit for a glamorous night out.

Our selections for sexy ‘stay-in’ outfits and glamour type outfits include;

 Floral Playsuit

Floral Playsuit

Biker Shorts Set

Biker shorts set

 Foxy Cold Shoulder Dress

Foxy Cold Shoulder Dress on AyodeleJayne Lagos

Mono Shimmer Dress

Buy Hot Mono Shimmer Dresses

A group trip (family or girls’ trip) cuts across (i) shopping mall and coffee shop visits, gallery or land mark visits, (ii) dinner and dancing, (iii) exploration and relaxation etc.,

There are outfits that should be a part of your getaway luggage. We recommend these cool and trendy looks across these three categories;

OffShoulder Layered Dress

OffShoulder layered Dress

Midi Backless Dress

Midi Backless Dress


 Polka Dot Layered Dress

Cold Shoulder Blouson Dress


 Skorts Set

Draped Jumpsuit

Draped Jumpsuit

Vneck Maxi

Vneck maxi


The Duration

Now that we know overpacking for a trip is a significant issue we all want to solve, by taking into consideration how long your trip will last, you can overcome this. It is easy to pack by allowing for one to two outfits per day while also considering the itinerary of the trip.

A tip to reduce overpacking and for short trips, will require more of one-and-done dresses that require little to no thought and can easily transition across functions. Two pieces that can be re-styled to different outfits.

 Sleeveless Ruched Dress

Button Down Long Sleeves Dress


 Polka Dot Pants Set

Multicolored Jumpsuit

Buy Multicolored Jumpsuit from AyodeleJayne Lagos


As a general rule, be sure to bring fewer clothes if you're going on a shopping trip.

We hope you’re able to prepare more efficiently and have more fun packing as you follow these tips mentioned above.

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