Keeping You in the Know: What's New in AyodeleJayne Lagos?

Keeping You in the Know: What's New in AyodeleJayne Lagos?

Hold onto your high heels (if you can), honey, because we are about to drop some of the best high street dresses you’ve ever seen; best believe, it'll make you look like a million bucks.

We're not talking your average, regular outfit trends here; we're talking bold choices, fearless statements, and enough sartorial swagger to make even the most jaded ones weak in the knees.

So buckle up, ladies, and get ready for nothing short of an experience on what's new and oh-so-fierce in the AyodeleJayne Lagos:

Brocade Ball Skirt: A Poise of Floor Domination

Darling, you walk into a room, not just walking but strutting like a peacock dipped in glitter. The Brocade Ball Skirt swishes around you like a promise of freedom, the rich fabric catching the light like a kaleidoscope on overdrive. Heads turn, jaws drop, and suddenly, the dance floor doesn't stand a chance. This skirt isn't just an outfit; it's an invitation to own the night—gala night, cocktail party, high-end dinner to twirl under the moonlight—and to make memories in your wake.

Brocade Ball Skirt Set


Set Corset Midi Skirt Set: A Femme Fatale in Training

Feeling a little more "femme fatale in training"? The Set Corset Midi Skirt Set is your secret weapon. The fitted bodice cinches your waist like a peaceful hug, while the skirt flows with the confidence of a lioness on the prowl. The delicate lace leaves traces of elegance, while the sharp lines scream, "Don't mess with me; I'm here to slay." This set is suited for high-powered networking events or traditional functions.

Corset Midi Skirt Set


Monochrome Midi Mismatch Dress: Celebrating Your Inner Contrast

Who says a pleated shirt and a closed-up top can't play nice? The Monochrome Midi Mismatch Dress throws the rulebook out the window and dances to its own fierce beat. Bold stripes tango with a delicate black top, creating a visual symphony that's as captivating as a sunset after a rainstorm. This dress isn't just about looking good; it's perfect for a casual office day or a daytime art exhibit. Watch the conversation flow as freely as the fabric.

Monochrome Midi Mismatch Dress

Guipure Lace Pant Set: Power Plays Made Pretty

Power suits got nothing on the Guipure Lace Pant Set, honey. This is where comfort meets confidence, where delicate lace whispers sophistication against the crisp lines of tailored trousers. Imagine yourself striding into that meeting, leaving a trail of whispered admiration in your wake. The lace adds a touch of femininity, while the pants command respect like a well-timed power move. 

Guipure Lace Pants Set

Guipure Midi Lace Dress: A Ticket to Class and Romance

Feeling like a romantic damsel under the stars? The Guipure Midi Lace Dress is your ticket to the land of romance. Imagine the moonlight catching the delicate lace, creating a web of shadows and whispers that tell stories of stolen kisses. This dress isn't just about looking pretty; it's about feeling pretty. Wear it to that special date, darling, and watch the sparks fly brighter than fireworks. 

Guipure Midi Lace Dress

Petal Cullotes Set: Move Through Life with a Smile

 Feeling playful, dearie? The Petal Cullotes Set is your answer. The breezy cotton dances around your legs like a summer breeze, and the floral print at the centre bursts with life like a garden in bloom. This set isn't about taking itself too seriously; it's about twirling through life with a smile on your face and laughter in your eyes. Wear it to that picnic in the park, darling, and watch the compliments bloom like the flowers on your outfit.

Petal Culottes Set

Poncho Pants Set: Cozy Confident Chic

Comfort never looked so chic, honey. The Poncho Pants Set is your invitation to wrap yourself in a cloud of cozy confidence. The oversized poncho drapes over your shoulders like a protective hug, while the tailored pants keep you grounded and ready to take on the day. This set is for the woman who knows that looking good and feeling good go hand in hand and who's not afraid to embrace the simple pleasures of life in style. You can, of course, wear it to that coffee date, darling, and watch the conversation flow as smoothly as your silk pants.

Poncho Pants Set


Drape Linen Pants Set: Quiet Confidence Makes the Loudest Statement

Sometimes, the most powerful statement is the quietest one. The Drape Linen Pants Set whispers sophistication with every rustle of its luxurious fabric. The fluid lines flatter your every curve, while the wide-legged pants stride into any room with an air of effortless grace. This set isn't for attention-seekers; it's for the women who command respect with their presence, who leave a trail of quiet confidence in their wake. Wear it to that gallery opening, darling, and watch the art become just another backdrop to your own masterpiece.

Drape Linen Pants Set

Puff Sleeve Pencil Dress: Bold Ambition with a Touch of Drama

Feeling ready to conquer the world, one meeting at a time? The Puff Sleeve Pencil Dress is your battle cry. The sharp lines of the pencil skirt hug your curves like a lover's hands, while the dramatic puff sleeves announce your arrival like a trumpet fanfare. This dress isn't for the faint of heart; it's for the women who own their power and who paint the boardroom with the bold strokes of their ambition. Wear it to that presentation, darling, and watch them be mesmerized by your captivating confidence.

Puff Sleeves Pencil Dress

So there you have it, darlings: a taste of the fierce and fabulous world that awaits you when we rub minds together.

Remember, your fashion isn't just about clothes; it's about an attitude and a way of life. It's about strutting into every room like you own it, radiating confidence like sunshine on a perfect day. So go forth, dear, and paint your own masterpiece with the vibrant hues from our collection. 

The world is your runway; it's your place to step, and we're here to cheer you on every sassy step of the way.

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