Finding Your Voice: 5 Styles that Exhibit How Women are Redefining Business

Finding Your Voice: 5 Styles that Exhibit How Women are Redefining Business

Business, darling, is undergoing a revolution, and at the forefront are women who refuse to be defined by a tired old rulebook. They're rewriting the script, one power move at a time, and their style reflects that. So we are here, to celebrate this audacity. We design clothes that aren't just garments; they're declarations. So, let's dive into five looks that embody the spirit of the woman redefining business on her own terms. Let’s gooo…

1. The Polka Button Down Collar Dress: Confidence with a Wink

This dress isn't your grandmother's tea party number, if you know what I mean. The polka dots, playful and unexpected, add a touch that disarms before it dispatches. But don't be fooled by the charm, though. The sharp collar and structured silhouette telegraph authority. It's a "don't mess with me, but I might just make you smile while I do it" kind of vibe. Perfect for that important meeting where you know you'll have to hold your own, but also leave a lasting impression.

Polka Button Down Collar Dress

2. The BatWing Pants Set: Owning Your Space

The batwing pants are a power move in fabric form. It commands attention, exudes an air of quiet strength. Paired with tailored pants, it creates a look that's both effortlessly chic and undeniably powerful. This isn't an outfit that blends into the background; it demands a center stage. Imagine walking into a room and all eyes instinctively turning your way. That's the magic of the Bat Wing Pants Set.

Batwing Pants Set

3. The Blue Pant Suit: A Classic Reimagined

The pants suit. A cornerstone of the business world. But here's the thing: classics can be boring. So we decided to take the traditional pants suit and inject it with a shot of personality. A bold blue hue replaces the expected black or grey, making a statement without sacrificing professionalism. It's the perfect outfit for the woman who wants to play by the rules, but rewrite them in her own ink.

Blue Pantsuit

4. The Peplum Pant Set: Power with a Feminine Flair

Femininity and strength are not opposing forces. The peplum pant set is a testament to that. The peplum adds a touch of elegance and femininity, while the tailored pants keep the look grounded and professional. It's an outfit that celebrates the multifaceted nature of a woman who can be both a force to be reckoned with and a captivating presence. Perfect for presentations and boardroom meetings

Blue Peplum Pants Sets

5. The Check Jacket Dress: Bold Strokes, Bold Moves

Checks are back, baby, and they're not here to play nice. The Check Jacket Dress is a statement piece for a woman who isn't afraid to take risks. This dress is a conversation starter and a head-turner. It's the outfit you wear when you want the room to know you've arrived and you're here to make your mark.Check Jacket Dress


These are just a taste of the styles that are helping women redefine the landscape of business. And we believe your clothes shouldn't just fit your body; they should fit your voice. So, find the pieces that make you feel powerful, confident, and undeniably you, and you can have them; simply go on our website today! After all, the new era of business belongs to the women who dare to be heard. Now go out there and soar, darling!

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