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AyodeleJayne Lagos (AJL) is a contemporary brand with a passion for channeling style and confidence through women’s fashion.

At AJL, we understand that women are multi-faceted and dynamic, as such we have curated our collections to cater to the different personalities women present in daily and occasional styles, as such they are tailored to cater to strong yet feminine, confident yet fun, sophisticated yet quirky and modest yet edgy women.

We have gone ahead to showcase these personalities across our offerings which are presented in Work Wear, Datewear, Casual Wear styles, as well as our Handbags Collection.

Ayodele Jayne Lagos

As a brand, another one of our goals is to provide a one-stop shopping experience such that most, if not all the fashion shopping needs of the career woman, the homemaker, and the entrepreneurial woman are met. As such our online shopping channels, and our physical store located in Lagos, Nigeria has been set up to provide a seamless shopping experience.

Ayodele Jayne Ready to Wear Dresses

A proudly African brand with international reach, we can cater to both local and international demands while ensuring that the fabric selection, quality control, and universal women’s sizing (UK) are all carefully considered to provide affordable and stylish pieces that transcend time.

AJL is proudly managed by the Chief Creative Director, Ayodele J. Adetimehin, who is also the founder of the brand. She has worked in the financial services industry for many years and has always loved fashion. Her fashion journey started as early as her early childhood years, watching her mom churn out beautiful styles on her Singer sewing machine. As a stylist on the side, she advised several colleagues on fashion styling and also shopped fashion pieces for them. With this natural flair for styles, designs, and fits, this naturally metamorphosed into the establishment of the AJL fashion brand.

Kindly visit our home page and enjoy our budget-friendly shopping experience 😊

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