How Black Friday Helps You Save More

How Black Friday Helps You Save More

Some people say the best time to shop for fashion items at a ridiculously affordable price is during the black weekend. Well, that’s definitely true.
Black Friday is like the biggest sales period that signals the Christmas shopping season. It often comes with discounts or deals, helping you save more.

Black Friday is a good way to save on fashion products that you need. Like those gorgeous outfits you’ve been dreaming of buying, or the classy leather bags? You name it. Now imagine having multiple discount offers at your fingertips to help you achieve these dreams.

A 10% welcome discount as a first-time shopper is up for grabs here.

A picture review discount when you share photos/videos of you rocking your outfit to perfection.

A discount rack with loads of items on discounted price already.

Gift Cards that help you when you're indecisive about gift options for loved ones.

Gift Card

Bundle offering to ease the pressure when you buy more and save while you do so.

Exclusive VIP offers when you buy up to a certain amount which helps you save overtime.

Now Black Friday may help you save more but at AJL, everyday is Black Friday. Awesome right!!

But Wait! There's more. An added Black Friday Spin The Wheel that offers several discount offerings. Spin and win discount codes, gift cards, BOGOF, Free Shipping and loads more.

So while you save the date for our upcoming black weekend (Nov 25th-27th), remember to take advantage of the existing offers listed above because at AJL, Black Friday came early.

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