How to slay on a budget

HOW TO SLAY ON A BUDGET - A 2023 Women's Fashion Classic

Ever wondered how to look classy and stylish without necessarily breaking the bank? Then sit tight as we walk you through some fashion tips & guidelines.

Every woman wants to slay, and this is why this article has been specially curated for the AJL woman to step up her shopping and slaying game.

At the end of this blog post, we would have helped customers improve their wardrobe with the most affordable yet fashionable outfits across different categories, regardless of their budgets.

The first section of this article will be what to look out for in selecting affordable brands. The greatest piece of advice when considering curating a budget-friendly yet stylish wardrobe is doing it yourself, otherwise known as DIY.

The most important tips when searching for affordable brands are.

  • Find the right brand that suits your style – choosing the right brand is very important. For instance, if you like to dress down, don’t go for brands with sophisticated outfits/looks. Instead, buy what suits your style.
  • Find brands that offer several categories of clothing styles. You may be a preppy style lover, but need clothes that can work to work, brunch, or parties without losing your sense of style or looking at too many brands at a time. Here at AJL, we try to offer styles across different categories, you can check out our full collection here.



  • Discover and shop locally made goods – Locally made goods are often overlooked because of the influx from the foreign markets, but when a closer look is taken, you discover that local brands check all the boxes as well. Locally made brands are less expensive, expand your shopping apparel, afford you the try it before you buy opportunity, encourage more sustainable conscious purchases, and serve as a way of giving back to the economy at large!
  • Find trusted online brands – be careful not to fall for scammers, do your due diligence, double-check, and ensure the online clothing store is real and has a physical store, online website, or other means of identification such as their brand partners e.g., shipping, payments, collaborations, etc. For us here at AJL, we use DHL shipping and offer secure payments through Paystack/Stripe.
  • Look out for brands that have discounted products/coupons and take advantage of those opportunities – Buying products during a sales/discount period enables you to spend less and buy more. You can check out our discount rack here. We constantly update our discounted items.

Having these at the back of your mind when searching for clothing brands, helps reduce your shopping time and increases your savings.

The next segment will cover shopping tips to ensure you spend less while making your outfits work more for you. Ensure you keep reading to see how we help you save while still looking great.

  • Shop timeless pieces that allow versatility and can transcend occasions and periods. Items such as a little black dress can never go out of fashion.
  • Shop and save. Buy outfits closer to the end of a season and take advantage of a sale even when the occasion to wear an outfit is not readily present. Having items available when you need them saves more, and satisfies your style needs as a shopper. Searching for outfits when it is urgently needed means that you may spend more just to get the item urgently.
  • Avoid trends – Trendy outfits usually come with high costs, because their demands are high. Instead, settle for non-trendy fashionable items that fit your budget
  • Buy what you don’t already have – This is a no brainer, you should have a collection of different outfits instead of stockpiling the same outfits all the time, this will give variety to your wardrobe style
  • Choose multipurpose outfits – Buy outfits that can serve more than one purpose and can be worn to different places e.g., our workwear and date wear collection here.


  • Boost your appearance when you accessorize. Whether with the right jewellery, shoes, or bags, a look can only be completed when it is complemented with accessories. Our handbag collection can be seen here.

At AJL, we strive to offer solutions to our clients’ fashion problems daily, and it is no different today. Because we believe that discounted or affordable clothing does not need to be frumpy or outdated, we offer periodic sales and discounts with various styles to suit the current sales need.

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