The Sophistication of Style

The Sophistication of Style

It is often said that the wealthy show off less, their money sometimes more than the capital of some banks but the rich however are more obvious with their show of wealth. They’ve worked hard, it’s new and so they’re still enamored by it.

Same analogy can also be associated with style classification. As Coco Chanel says, 'Simplicity is the key to all true elegance'. True sophistication is highlighted with simplicity. Clean lines with the finest of fabrics, subtle designs and tailored to perfection.

As women of style, you understand that sophistication is rarely found in trends and often found in timelessness of designs such as the Greek Drape Dress and the Silk Playsuit. These outfits make a quick comeback as our ladies always know those items that work for almost all outings.

You’ve probably noticed there’s a lot of focus on sparkly, over-the-top party wear when it comes to fashion during the Christmas season. While these looks may be alluring, they’re not always the best option when it comes to making an elegant and timeless statement. This is where understated glam comes in.

Unlike the sparkle season trend which usually features outfits more suited for cocktails, night parties etc., events which are mostly on trend for the party season. Understated glam style transcends the trending party season and also fits right in with events such as luncheons, dinners and family brunches.

A classic example will be the use of timeless fabric designs such as paisley which are showcased in some of our designs perfectly suited for luncheons and brunches.

Can sophistication also be sexy, you might ask. Absolutely!!!! Sexy dresses such as the Shirt Drape Dress and the Mini Bow Dress are perfect for couple dinners or Girls Night Out.

A few tips to look out for when selecting these designs will be;

1. High quality timeless fabrics such as silks, satins and laces.
2. Rich colors that are subtle and deep such as maroon, black, navy and nude colors.
3. Styles that are classic and not too over the top.

To go ahead and embrace the power of understated glam and show the world what true style is all about, you can check out our Minimal Capsule Party Edition that embraces all elements of elegance and class.

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