Age of Style

Age of Style

When it comes to styling, specific considerations are at play regarding the different styles of every woman, which are taken into account. Every woman wants to convey her ideas, values, and personality through her clothing choices, as such there often is a wide range of options to pick from. 

In one of our previous blog posts - What to Wear (Style Personalities), we talked about how mood and occasion usually affect the styling behavior of a woman. Today’s blog post centers on how style evolves across different age groups. 

Although a common trend is affiliated with different age groups, styling is still largely subjective. We will be breaking down these styles across the different age groups, from casual to formal, vintage to bohemian, and so forth.

The 20s

Fresh out of their teen years, women in their 20s are still in the experimental style stage and are focused on finding their style. While attempting to understand who they are and what makes them feel comfortable, they are more often swayed by trends and concerned with incorporating these trends into their fashion choices. More often than not, they gravitate towards styles that are form-fitting, show skin, and are more casual than otherwise. We could say a lot of sexy styles are on display with this age group. 

Crop two piece set Plunge neck party gown
As they begin careers and become more conscious about being taken seriously in their profession, their style starts to evolve in the late twenties and slowly solidifies in the early 30s stage.

The 30s 

Having found a sure footing with life choices - career, family, and individuality, you often find more women in this age group become more self-aware and confident of their style and who they are. There is still some experimentation of style here but on the whole, trends play a lesser role in style and fashion choices with these women. This is not to say there is a disregard for trends completely, as you’ll find that trends make an appearance especially when an elaborate event or outing.

Comfort and confidence are often a watchword for style here. Women's bodies are also changing so there is a gradual dilution of overtly sexy styles to classy and comfortable styles.  The ladiesin this age group are more self-aware and confident about their style. They know who they are and have most likely settled into a style choice; either mostly classy or mostly artsy; there is now a deliberate effort to channel their outfits to suit their preferred style. A classy style personality will often go for dark or solid colors and structured lines, while a boho chic style personality will often go for flowy lines and multicolored patterns. Sleeveless Square Neck Dress, Flutter Sleeves Flare Dress.

Sleeveless Square NeckFlutter Sleeves Flare Dress

Generally, you’ll find midi lengths, design detailing, and a moderate show of skin here.

The 40s 

As women gradually get to their middle age, they are rarely swayed by trends, are very comfortable in their sense of style, and are mostly elegant and sophisticated with their choice of fashion. You'll find a style here characterized in general by elaborate designs, drapery, and less form-fitting. Surprisingly sexy styling makes a comeback to this age group, either mostly through the re-discovery of femininity and the extra confidence that comes with accomplishments and maturity. 

Strapless Midi GownMidi Sheath Overlay Dress

To emphasize their sophistication and wisdom, fabric choice and accessorizing will become a watchword. You’ll find them more accessories such as pearls, gold and silver jewelry, statement bags as well as chains, or silver necklaces to continue reinforcing their dignified persona. 

Regardless of age, it is important to dress how you feel the most comfortable and confident regardless of societal pressures and or trends. At AJL, we strive to provide a broad variety of apparel options for various styles of personalities, occasions, and events.

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